Bats are not the enemy of man .Just as much fault as a bat! The only flying mammal in the world is the symbol of any evil. This is how it's being presented to the people. There's nothing tabloid about a horror movie or Halloween. Bats are frightening. Evidence that SARS-Cov-2, the actual source of bats, is responsible for the current Covid-19 epidemic has led to a worse perception of bats.It is also called for active steps to reduce the number of bats. But has anyone ever wondered what the situation would be like?

Timothy Truer of the University of Vermont in the United States, Ricardo Rocha of the University of Porto in Portugal, and Cara Brooke of the University of California , Berkeley, shared their views on the science American blog.

Scientists argue that such a negative attitude towards bats would make it more difficult to preserve bats and would make it harder for them to sustain the diverse benefits that bats offer to us. In addition, if they kill the bats that carry the disease, it could be the cause of our loss.

Many researchers have established the direct or indirect role of bats in the spread of Ebola, Nipah and SARS viruses. A recent research showed that the amount of diseases spread by bats was close to that of eyebrow wrinkles. In short, bats may be able to tolerate the violent resistance of certain viruses, suggesting the co-evolution of the malignant virus.When the virus enters the immune system of other bat species, it is difficult for them to control it. However, in order to blame bats for the possibility of disease, its beneficial qualities must also be considered. It also allows people to remain alive in a variety of ways.

The greatest advantage of bats is to increase the number of trees in our forest and to provide fertilizer. In addition to the pollination of different fruits, including mangoes, bats help to pollinate 300 species of crops. Increases food intake by consuming a number of harmful insects. Bats are more critical to underdeveloped economies.It plays a role in crop production by controlling cost-free pests in agriculture.

Eating insects, including moths, plays an important function in keeping us alive. Previously, the disappearance of bats in the United States created a problem called White Nose Syndrome, which resulted in an rise in infant mortality in agricultural areas. The use of pesticides was unnecessary. Moreover, the bats help us by consuming mosquitoes that cause Anopheles and other diseases.

Harm or extinction of bats based on myths may pose a higher risk of future SARS or Ebola, the researchers said. Vampire bats were killed in Peru to prevent rabies, but to no avail. In Uganda, outbreaks of the Marburg virus have been recorded despite the destruction of Egyptian fruit bats.Killing bats in Australia has been shown to increase the risk of developing diseases such as the Hendra virus.

Last March, bats were told to kill in the middle of the Indonesian market. In Rwanda, too, there are reports that bats have been destroyed as fruit bat firehouses. Consequently, these initiatives to deal with the present epidemic would have little effect on protecting the future.

We 're trying to perfect the survival recipe for the next animal epidemic. This will entail comprehensive monitoring of diseases and strengthened public health infrastructure. Apart from that, we should avoid depicting bats as evil for the sake of others. We need to take different measures to protect bats.

In reality, there is danger when we invade the world of bats or pull them into our world. Taking a look at the situation of Bangladesh. Bats are migrating to date palms due to lack of forest resources. People drink raw date juice unknowingly. As a result, the Nipah virus has spread. More generally, the virus comes step by step from bats.Various carriers, such as cows, camels or pigs, may also bear a bat virus. Bats are less likely to transmit the virus to pets in their natural environment. If action is taken to preserve the habitat of bats, interaction with humans or our domestic animals would be minimized.

In addition, wild animals may also be kept under regulation to express concern to the bats. During this scenario, the bats may come in less contact with humans or other wildlife. Coronavirus is thought to have spread from bats to wildlife markets in Wuhan , China. The most common explanation for this, though, is the innate intelligence of the men.In order to be protected, 1,400 recognized bat species need uninterrupted efforts for distribution, cohabitation and a propensity to keep numbers correct.

The good news is that modern methods of genome sequencing have started to uncover the mystery of the bat virus. No matter how much bad news there is about bats, scientists will consider both the dangers and the positive. The message about the bats is that we will continue living a safe life by keeping the bats alive.

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