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Questions about three missing people in China

Questions about three missing people in China
Questions about three missing people in China

Questions about three missing people in China .There have been rumors about China, the origin of coronavirus, circulating for months. There is criticism of China's role and activities in the treatment of the virus. As soon as a Chinese citizen opens his mouth, he has to read the rules of law. Some of them are missing. Three Chinese nationals have been identified as whistleblowers in international media.The question is, where are they going? What happened to their fate, huh?

There is no end to questions at home and abroad about the way in which China has dealt with coronavirus from the outset. Li Wenliang, a doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital, initially questioned the role of China. At the beginning of December, the 34-year-old pathologist predicted that a new SARS-like virus would spread in China in the form of an epidemic.He also shared information on the symptoms of the virus in a group chat with colleagues on December 30.

The announcement was made by Li Wenliang before China officially announced coronavirus infection. A few days later, the police arrested Leakey. The police have collected a bond from him alleging 'spreading false rumors,' 'seriously disrupting social order' and 'breaking the law.' He was released later. Lee was discharged from all charges in the March government investigation.However, in those days, Lee Wenliang did not lose the battle against Corona and returned to the country. Lee died of coronavirus infection at the beginning of February.

The role of whistleblowers has raised questions in the minds of many. The family members reported the disappearance of three such whistleblowers.

This time, Whistleblower China, two civil rights activists on-line, have been reported missing since the middle of this month. Chen May worked on digital archiving of all coronavirus reports on behalf of the U.S. software company GitHub.

On 19 April, Chen and his girlfriend Tang were arrested by the police on charges of "quarrels with people-facades and provocations." Chen Kun, Chai's brother, complained about this. The same day, the police also arrested another GitHub worker named Chai Wei. In China, dissidents are usually arrested on charges of political charges.On 24 April, however, the police informed the family members of Chen May that they were being held at a designated location.

The project Chen Mei was working on at GitHub was called Terminus 2049. He was involved as a volunteer in collecting news that the Chinese authorities had banned or removed from the media. It is said that censorship in Terminus 2049, news, videos, and personal social media writings like WeChat have been maintained since the beginning of January.The project is launched with the idea that people can be encouraged to resist whenever the government has blocked a website.

The Microsoft-owned GitHub online project includes personal experiences of the people of Uhan as well as an interview with Ihan, a doctor at Uhan Central Hospital. Authorities also accused him of spreading rumors about Corona. Interestingly, the Chinese government removed the iPhone from the Internet just a few hours after it was published in People's Magazine in March.

At the same time, Chinese netizens, scattered around the world, are continuing to exchange code languages, emojis and other creative ways. Terminus 2049 also features an article by Professor Shu Zhangrun, a ferocious critic of the Chinese government. Professor Zhangrun has been placed under house arrest for severely accusing the Chinese President of social control and censorship.His WeChat account has been closed down.

There are allegations that China has dealt with the situation in the early days of the epidemic. A section of Chinese citizens at the forefront of technology have chosen GitHub as the last weapon against Internet censorship and government. GitHub's main site in China is currently available, but the Terminus 2049 page has been blocked.

Noise started in the country after three Terminus workers were arrested by the police in 2049. Guo Yuhua, a professor of sociology at Tsinghua University, said, "Can you tell me what kind of quarrels and provocations people have had with them?" These phrases are very vague. The government has always brought these charges against political dissidents and civil rights activists.

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