Earn a handful of money sitting at home
Earn a handful of money sitting at home

A handful of income

 Author (Sohan), Dhaka

 July 26, 2018, 2:10 pm

 Mobile phones are a wide way of spending.  But you can earn money from this mobile phone.  This can be a source of additional income for your livelihood.  For this I need a little initiative, a little effort and exercise of intellect. Mobile phone means cost.  Connections are not always available for free, but set prices, talking, SMS, MB of Internet, GB - one after the other costs continue, no matter which package you buy.

 And if you have a smartphone, the cost goes up even more.  Just as mobile phones are a waste of time, they are also a waste of money.  The habit of reading has also vanished after the mobile phone became smart. All the above words are negative.  There is a lot of negative talk about mobile phones.  Even then, in a country of 160 million people, 120 million people use mobile phones.  Why?  Communication.  Yes, the greatness of this device in the palm of your hand can be understood only by talking about one positive out of many negatives.  People want the company of people.  Wants to be in touch.  In this age of busy mechanical life, it is very difficult to go and talk directly, to keep in touch.  With this device the voice of the voice can be heard, the communication is done.

 Cash Narayan Yoga can also happen in that communication, if it happens, there is some intelligence. Let me hear an incident.  Last February I went to Bandarban Thanchi and Madak.  I was in Alikadam upazila the night before.  I heard there is no mobile network for alcohol.  And no mobile connection other than Robi works in Thanchi.  My rural, son's banglalink.  Robi SIM can be found in Alikadam?  I went to Alikadam market.  The SIM card seller said that a photocopy of the national identity card and a passport size photo would be required to get connected.  I have an identity card, but I can't find the picture in my wallet.  The shopkeeper said, ‘If you walk a few steps down the street in front, you will find a photography studio.’ I went to the studio.  General store.

 There are photocopiers, there are computers, there are printers, there are mobile phones.  But there is no studio setup.  I told the studio staff I wanted to take pictures.  They said, will be. A tool was placed.  Energy lamp on the head, charger light on the front of the face.  Blue cloth on the back.  Pretty much all ready.  But the camera?  Holding a normal quality smartphone, the studio worker started giving instructions to me with a serious face - lower your head a little, a little to the right ....  Doubt in the mind, what-no-what picture they took.  This is how the picture was taken.  Pictures were taken from the smartphone to the computer, then edited in Photoshop.  Then the instructions on the printer ... The picture came out. The mobile phone has added value to this shop in the hilly region.  Another job added to another job.  It made the urgent need of a newcomer like me as well as the extra income of the shop.  Mobile phones not only increase costs, but also income.  Sometimes it can be a small income and sometimes it can be a handful of income. Talk about Tahmina Khan in the palm of your hand.  He has his own boutique house in Lalmatia, Dhaka under his nickname 'Shaili'.  Jewelry, clothes etc. are sold there.

 The original bikinita still runs through Facebook.  He used to make jewelry at home, he used to make pickles তুলে he would take pictures of them and post them on his Facebook, he would also write down the price.  The cost of delivering the goods was also mentioned there.  He also used to run Facebook on his smartphone.  Seeing that picture, his friends on Facebook would inform him about the demand for the product and Tahmina Khan would send it.  Money was transacted after the goods arrived.  That's how it started.  Then the Facebook page 'Friends of Style', then the boutique house 'Style'. Designer Manideepa Dasgupta also has this mobile phone.  He took a picture of his designed clothes on his mobile phone and posted it on Facebook.  Request to share with friends.  In this way, his designed clothes continue to be sold. Is it just clothes, jewelry?  Farm banana if you want

 Mulata, taking pictures of famous food of the area, anyone can start trading with information. E-commerce agent type e-commerce initiatives can be seen at this time.  Some collect grains, handicrafts, etc. from all over the country and some websites sell them.  One such initiative is 'My country is my village'.  If you have a smartphone, you can join this initiative.  The women of your village may wear very beautiful nakshikantha, or all the wonderful things of clay are made in Kumarpara.  Take pictures of them and send them to my country, my village, you will become their e-commerce agent.  If the product is sold you will get commission, if not sold you will get a fee.  Such opportunities are available on many e-commerce sites. Mobile banking and ... development, sending money by rocket is now fast and easy.  If you have a mobile phone, this mobile banking service can also be your source of income.

 For this, of course, hat-bazaar, ganj, railway station, bus stand or a small shop in a place where people come more will be needed.  Mobile banking services called bKash, Rocket, GP, Sure Cash are running now.  First you have to open their agent account.  The commission is 5 rupees for every 1 thousand rupees.  Even if you hear less, when the transaction is more, the profit is not less.  Md. Is sitting with a table and tools in front of a photocopier shop in Karwan Bazar, Dhaka.  Green.  Rocket poster on table, develop next to.  He also works at Flexiload.  That means you pay on your mobile phone.  In this case, you get a commission of Tk.  Green said, ‘The more transactions, the more profit.

 If the profit is high, the shop can also be given. 'Again, this service of mobile transaction can be given to someone's grocery or stationery shop for extra income.  If you are interested in the technical side, you can give mobile phone repair with training.  As the popularity of mobile phones increases in the country, so will the repair business. With this mobile phone, you can trade shares in the capital market of New York or Tokyo.  Now there are many apps that will teach you how to trade in the stock market.  Transactions can be done on mobile phones.

 However, the statutory warning: It should not be entered into the international capital market without the advice of experienced people, without knowledge and understanding.  Mobile phones can be your source of livelihood, a powerful weapon to increase your income.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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